• Catch up a little on life's concerns (should only take a few more hours/days/months/years/lifetimes...) Jump into it regardless.
  • Make practice game to learn library access stuff (simple, 2D, and completely unrelated to Refola)
  • Post first game (with full source code) somewhere convenient to access
  • Polish first game to be worth something
  • Make donation button
  • Make a few more 2D games with the first game's engine for more practice
  • Start work on second game (3D with better mind-reading hardware required than currently exists...)
  • Post regular development builds of second game while it's in-progress
  • Make demo with most features and the engine working nicely
  • Make it worth enough to sell, while keeping it fully free (public domain)
  • ???
  • Profit!
Of course, for someone in my position I'd have to be a fool to think this feasible. Fortunately I don't know enough to know how hard/impossible it's going to be. The hardest part is getting started.

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